Optional Accessories

  • Ceiling Mount Bridge

  • HDCI cable

  • Wall mount for VC-GXX and VC-AXX Cameras

  • LE-DZ
    Single axis base Manipulator

  • VISCA Cable Extender

  • Wall mount for VC-BXX Cameras

  • Close-up Lens

  • VISCA Cable Extender

  • DC Padded Bag

  • VISCA Cable Extender

  • Power Adapter for CU106+LE9X3

  • Extender USB Cable

  • VISCA Cable Extender

  • Microscope Adapter

  • Wall mount for VC-GXX and VC-AXX cameras

  • 25ft 3 Pin Power Cord

  • USB 3.0 Extension Cable Recommend List

  • USB 2.0 Cable Hub

  • Mini-DIN Adapter for RS232, C-Video,For DC visualizer series only

  • PS Padded Bag