Videoconferencing has made it easier to stay connected with colleagues and business partners. Cameras along with videoconferencing software are now a common setup in most meeting rooms and home offices. Communicating in a visual based method has made an impact in collaborating with others that are based in distant locations.


• Using a Lumens HD PTZ camera provides more dynamic and realistic high quality video.

• Wide view angles allow more meeting participants to be included within a single shot.

• Lumens USB 3.0 videoconferencing camera does not require the installation of additional drivers.

• A Lumens camera can easily integrate with various cloud-based video conferencing systems such as Skype, Hangout, Lync, Zoom, etc.

• Stable, precise and low-noise cloud-based designs ensure a smooth meeting process, allowing participants to better focus on the meeting topics.

• Professional and sleek designs mean that the cameras could be integrated with various kinds of meeting room furnishings and formal settings.