Key Features

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Easy integration with various videoconferencing software

The VC-B20U can work seamlessly with any software running on any OS that supports USB 3.0 devices.

USB 3.0 Plug & Play

The VC-B20U uses standard UVC drivers. There is no need to install special USB drivers. USB 3.0 is 10 times faster than the USB 2.0 standard and it features low latency and non-compress output.

Easy control

Easy to control the Preset, Pan, Tilt, Zoom settings by Lumens USB PTZ camera controller software and supports Windows & MAC OS.

128 Preset Positions

The VC-B20U has up to 128 preset settings for pan, tilt, zoom, focus, exposure, and white balance modes for more effective and efficient video recording.

Wide Range Pan/Tilt/Zoom Action

The VC-B20U has a wide shooting area (pan angle from -100° to +100° ; tilt angle from -30° to +30°), as well as quiet, fast, and precise positioning movements.

RS-232 Remote Control

The camera’s settings and PTZ control functions can be performed remotely at any location and at high communication speeds via the RS-232 interface.

Panoramic Viewing Angle

The VC-B20U has a panoramic 70° horizontal viewing angle that helps users achieve a wider viewing area.