KBRO TV (Xinzhuang Basketball Stadium)

March 25, 2019 24

(Xinzhuang Basketball Stadium)

•    Date:  March 2019
•    Country: Taiwan
•    City: New Taipei City
•    Website: https://www.kbro.com.tw/K01/
•    Application: Sports

•    Lumens Product: VC-A70H PTZ Camera; VS-KB30 Camera Controller


•    VC-A70H is used to capture the broadcasting room, cheerleaders, fans reaction, and baseball field, especially first base cases with 4K Ultra high definition video.

•    Camera Controller VS-KB30 is used to control Pan tilt zoom of VC-A70H, store presets in the camera, and call presets for fast switching.

Why VC-A70H

•    Outstanding 4K Ultra HD video quality after comparing with other well-known brands
•    128 Presets for fast scene switching

•    Stable and smooth pan-tilt movement when calling preset

Why VS-KB30

•    Control up to 255 cameras
•    Joystick one hand operation pan-tilt-zoom
•    Quick access control of focus, exposure, and white balance

“4K Ultra HD video quality is exactly what KBRO TV looking for. ”

“Preset function allows me to fast switch to the scene I need, and joystick is very easy and smooth to control multiple cameras just by one machine .“

Mr. Qian

Broadcasting director at KBRO TV



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