Tung Wah School

November 11, 2019 81

Tung Wah School

•    Date: November 2019
•    Country: Hong Kong
•    City: Hong Kong
•    Website: http://www.twghczm.edu.hk/
•    Application: Event IMAG
•    Lumens Product: VC-A70H & VS-K20
•    Along with: Zoom, Skype, VC software


•    Three PTZ cameras VC-A70H are installed in the school hall to capture the live performance. Cameras are connected to a switcher, and the image is displayed by a projector.
•    Camera controller VS-K20 is used to control PTZ remotely.

Why VC-A70H

•    Outstanding 4K Ultra HD video quality after comparing with other well-known brands
•    HDbaseT for easy installation
•    128 Presets for fast scene switching
•    Stable and smooth pan-tilt movement when calling preset

Why VS-K20

•    Remotely controls VC-A50S cameras
•    Joystick for Pan/Tilt/Zoom and focusing
•    Easy operation of presets calling and camera adjustments
•    RS232 / RS422 and Daisy Chain for easy installation

“Very good image quality and reasonable price for 4K cameras. Lumens provides excellent support services”

Tung Wah School Tech Team



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