World MediaNet Studios

June 12, 2019 53

World MediaNet Studios   - National Harbor, MD 2019

World MediaNet, the television broadcast and recording studio recently add eight robotic cameras to the operation. One VS-KB30 provides a solution that can operate those 8 cameras for TV production. The 8 cameras were daisy-chained and then connected to the VS-KB30 via the RS232 port. The installation was easy, the crew was able to operate the cameras right away.

Customer Testimonial  

“The Lumens VS-KB30 is very intuitive and easy to learn and to operate”

“The installation was very easy. We were up and running very quickly”

“I have been operating robotic cameras professionally for 22 years. The lumens VS-KB30 is as good as any remote control panelI’ve ever used. The quality and the cost of the Lumens line of products are also attractive. I look forward to getting more Lumens products as our business expands into podcasting productions, sound booth recording, and live shot-flash studio production.”

Studio Production Crew



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