Culinary Lab in High School

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/11/30

The document camera DC192 is connected to the flat panel to show objects in real-time

Western Virginia STEM Building 2019

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/09/26

VC-A70H cameras are used to support lecture capture and video conferencing software such as Zoom, Panopto, and Canvas Studio.

Florida Telehealth Portals In K-12 Public Schools

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/08/31

PTZ Camera B30U is placed on the top of the Howard Technology telehealth kiosk to provide a live feed for video conferencing between students and mental health providers.

Nankai University (China)

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/08/07

200 VC-A50P are installed in different multi-purpose teaching rooms for the purpose of lecture capturing and video conferencing.

Australian Catholic University

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/07/31

Smart classrooms comprise of a Crestron DMPS, a touch panel, a PC, and a Lumens document camera PS752.

India Institute of Technology (IIT)

by Lumens Editor Group 2018/02/28

3 VC-A50P is installed in the 200 seat lecture hall; one camera captures the presenter and the other two capture students.

Virginia Western Community College

by Lumens Editor Group 2017/08/01

Multiple PTZ Cameras VC-A50S are installed on the upper area of the wall to capture instructor actions.

Phoenix College

by Lumens Editor Group 2016/06/20

PTZ Cameras VC-B20U are installed on the ceiling top of the health care bed and connect to the projector.

University of Bath

by Lumens Editor Group 2015/12/31

The University of Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of the largest installations of Lumens visualizers in the U.K.

UZSC (Swimming Club in Netherland)

by Lumens Editor Group 2015/05/25

UZSC, the largest and oldest swimming club in Utrech Netherland, installed PTZ cameras VC-A50S to capture water polo games for live streaming to a worldwide audience and for training purposes.

University of Liverpool

by Lumens Editor Group 2015/03/10

VC-G50 and VC-G30 PTZ cameras are deployed in all of the large teaching spaces at the university.