Lee Kernaghan "Backroad Nation" Tour

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/11/20 上午 12:00:00

I selected the Lumens A60S cameras because they’re great in low light. While the powerful optical and digital zoom means I can place one of the cameras at the back of the room and still get a great, tight shot.

Tung Wah School

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/11/11 上午 12:00:00

Three PTZ cameras VC-A70H are installed in the school hall to capture the live performance. Cameras are connected to a switcher, and the image is displayed by a projector.

G20 Osaka Summit 2019

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/6/26 上午 12:00:00

G20 is an international forum of 19 countries and EU that together represent 90% of the world economy. 2019 G20 Summit was held in Osaka, Japan.

Venue Den Berg

by Lumens Editor Group 2018/7/18 上午 12:00:00

Four VC-A50P are installed to capture the whole venue and connect to the LED walls and projectors.

Lumens and Solar Eclipse

by Lumens Editor Group 2017/8/21 上午 12:00:00